Fortnite might ban me for this...

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Fortnite might ban me for this...
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Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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gmoney4346 21 day ago
He does
Piece ctrl Jay Please call me that
Piece ctrl Jay Please call me that 22 days ago
Nice title how'd you come up with it?
Willian ZU�IGA
Willian ZU�IGA 24 days ago
I thought for a second he was using softaim or aimbot😂😂
Odante Beckford
Odante Beckford 26 days ago
4:51 how do you hit him for 100 white and he still alive 🤔
Shehates-_-zai A
Shehates-_-zai A 27 days ago
Member only = only fans
Minttyy 27 days ago
Mccreamy who???
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 27 days ago
I wish the hunting rifle was in fortnite
Kaden Jewell
Kaden Jewell 27 days ago
7:38 that was 315 not 259
DB Fade
DB Fade 27 days ago
Randumb hits him for 100 three times look 4:52
Jisify 28 days ago
Randumb always dropping bangers 🖤 & See I don’t use Tiktok so my twitter is @JISIFY it’s fine if I don’t get v bucks, a fb would make my year :)
FNO Zexpy
FNO Zexpy 28 days ago
Bro I played sniper shootout I have 356 pads and I hit a trick shot with a double no scope
Polar vxi
Polar vxi 28 days ago
You forgot to buy the emotes
Kate Mock ridge
Kate Mock ridge 28 days ago
Ur a bot Jk
Kate Mock ridge
Kate Mock ridge 28 days ago
kiccflip 28 days ago
Randumb: if I don’t win I have to buy the whole shop Bruh you own everything in there 🤣
PH CLIPZ 28 days ago
What will u get banned for
Eclixps Yt
Eclixps Yt 28 days ago
You missed a emote
Eclixps Yt
Eclixps Yt 28 days ago
Snipe vibes only
Ibrahim Fahad
Ibrahim Fahad 28 days ago
bro your soo good at editing and building it's crazy!!!
Rxie 28 days ago
Can you please do more Pokémon card videos
BrooksIFY Gaming
BrooksIFY Gaming 28 days ago
I get happy every time random Uploads
Rose Johnson
Rose Johnson 28 days ago
This mans dog shi$$$ with his wall hacks
LM youngeazie
LM youngeazie 28 days ago
there is no link in the discription
Thomas Nordby
Thomas Nordby 28 days ago
bruh how were you goingto get banned (your clickbating)
NeonCorddz 28 days ago
Play arena
Devour Bunny
Devour Bunny 28 days ago
stop it
DeAwna Wood
DeAwna Wood 28 days ago
yo my friend random hes cracked at fortnite
Drifty 13
Drifty 13 28 days ago
Let’s see how much subs I can get from commenting in this video I’m aiming for 100 right now pls and thank you
Beau Dailey
Beau Dailey 28 days ago
Alpha 28 days ago
I have not watched this so I am calling it it’s clickbait
100 Hour Gaming
100 Hour Gaming 28 days ago
Click bait come on mr dumb
Octane Clan
Octane Clan 28 days ago
what is that background music really want to know!! lol
YounG_KinGBeasT 28 days ago
👀 im watchin u randumb don't make me ban u remember I'm 👀 u
luis carlos
luis carlos 28 days ago
I want you to win bc I domt want to see u flex evrything your goona buy
Forbidden Soulz
Forbidden Soulz 28 days ago
He’s actually playing solos look behind him 00:25
Kryptix 28 days ago
piece control randumb
Reconz 28 days ago
sorry for the promotion but can u pls watch my new montage
Joey Guy.
Joey Guy. 28 days ago
Y0uSt0leMyKill 28 days ago
Fortnite should ban you for titling the video "fortnite might ban me for this" when you did nothing to deserve getting banned quit click baiting videos
OPscarX V
OPscarX V 28 days ago
All those skins you've never worn once crazyyy😐
Appa. 28 days ago
@Randumb cam spams aka camo is now on kbm
itz flexblaze
itz flexblaze 28 days ago
Soft aim?
Instincxx Gaming
Instincxx Gaming 29 days ago
I hate how he click baits every video I miss the old random
LarzyLF 29 days ago
Can i join one percent by doing try outs if i join gg if i dont welp i tryed can u please read this
Vincent Delgado
Vincent Delgado 29 days ago
randumb might be the best sniper in 1 percent
aimbot_gamingwithpug 29 days ago
Can you friend me gamingwithpug
Ambrosio Cuenca
Ambrosio Cuenca 29 days ago
I am a member
Emilio elthorp
Emilio elthorp 29 days ago
4:50 who else realized he got hit twice for 100 and didn't die???
Brayden White
Brayden White 29 days ago
Your so good I think you have aimbot lol
Nathan A Miller
Nathan A Miller 29 days ago
VI is mine take ur pink goul back
Loopz 29 days ago
anyone else notice he dont have leapin and the wrap next to it
Crafty Cadman
Crafty Cadman 29 days ago
Y would he get banned
Switch player
Switch player 29 days ago
Clickbait lol
Ryder Strope
Ryder Strope 29 days ago
Why will epic ban you
Ryder Strope
Ryder Strope 29 days ago
Good video
Gabe II
Gabe II 29 days ago
Rxmi FN
Rxmi FN 29 days ago
Sooooo we basically got CLICKBAITED
Plant_Doof 29 days ago
I once had 45 bounce pads too but in an arena game.
Cole Dillon
Cole Dillon 29 days ago
3:08 song?
Levi Herrera
Levi Herrera 29 days ago
He owns most of them
Nitro on top
Nitro on top 29 days ago
giveaway requirements: “follow my tiktok” Me who lives in hk: ;-;
Brent Cessna
Brent Cessna 29 days ago
lol somehow on my compentitive acc i dont have a warning
hxvr 29 days ago
When I was playing I had 90 pads with 15 kills
JH077 29 days ago
use code 1 for 1% off gfuel lol
po po pee pee check
po po pee pee check 29 days ago
stop clickbaiting
po po pee pee check
po po pee pee check 29 days ago
you always say omg fortnite is going to ban me but they dont you just want people to watch your videos but they would not because all you do is clickbait STOP CLICKBAITING RANDUMB
D4rk Flicks
D4rk Flicks 29 days ago
His lobbies are trash I play on console and my lobbies are sweatier
Archer Larson
Archer Larson 29 days ago
randumb do be mccreamy tho
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 29 days ago
U didn’t buy t emotes
BanditPlayz 29 days ago
Tmpkiller U
Tmpkiller U 29 days ago
When random go try hard mode.
Austin Sheldon
Austin Sheldon 29 days ago
U should play rocket league
KYZU_Sneaky_Ninja On yt
KYZU_Sneaky_Ninja On yt 29 days ago
8:11 he doesn’t buy the leapin emote or the lemon wrap
Reky 29 days ago
I stg youtubers will do anything for clout these days
Zachary Fridley
Zachary Fridley 29 days ago
I bet you'd get 5 mil with trying challenges that would be easy in chapter 1 but impossible now. Ex.Skybase Winning with no kills. Maybe try to make your own game that is better than fortnite and make your own you help make 1% and you made Dumb house. WIth your confidence and grind you could make a game.
Noodles 29 days ago
What time is the new one percent member coming!!!!!!!!!
Jaythegod01 29 days ago
Did anyone noticed he back to back the 1st 2 games and got 13 kills 0()0
Bladezy 29 days ago
U will never notice me CODE DUMBXXX my name lol
Kye Allen
Kye Allen 29 days ago
Ur so random
Ashley Sandoval
Ashley Sandoval 29 days ago
he did not get baned
XYCLONE going for BH
XYCLONE going for BH 29 days ago
What editing software do you use
FanomFN Yt
FanomFN Yt 29 days ago
You bountied me lol
jazzy 29 days ago
Randumb you just face bots you now
Bob Jimbo
Bob Jimbo 29 days ago
Anybody wonder why random gets into bot lobbies most times
Kaiden Small
Kaiden Small 29 days ago
I’m not watching him bc he clickbsited this vid
Khloe Cuevas
Khloe Cuevas 29 days ago
did you not see the other two things he didnt buy???
xd bizarreツ
xd bizarreツ 29 days ago
but u broke
xd bizarreツ
xd bizarreツ 29 days ago
There were more things in the shop that u couldve bought
Intro Creator
Intro Creator 29 days ago
Caston Meyer
Caston Meyer 29 days ago
ORNG 29 days ago
What’s bannable about this
Sandy Wray
Sandy Wray 29 days ago
Artic 29 days ago
BlueBaron 29 days ago
yesterday i was playing mandos bounty with my bro we camped at a house at hunter haven and i had a scoped ar and we poped off and won
Sen 29 days ago
Jordan you can’t use v bucks to buy the fortnite crew you need 16$
Charles Belanger
Charles Belanger 29 days ago
At 4:50 100 white?
AE sticks
AE sticks 29 days ago
ME seeing old thumbnail....oh he changed the color of his hair
Ace Slavin
Ace Slavin 29 days ago
In first game of sniper shootout he ended with 222 bouceoads
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell 29 days ago
Love your vids keep up the cracking work
jaskaran chhina
jaskaran chhina 29 days ago
GOKULJ08 29 days ago
Bro why am I so dog water
Zack Vandekuyt
Zack Vandekuyt 29 days ago
is randumb gonna be the next mccreamy?
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