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​i SPECTATE the BEST NEW SOCCER SKIN in fortnite!! (WOW)
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Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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Connor Borrett
Connor Borrett 9 days ago
Caden Watts
Caden Watts 12 days ago
I’m confused what does he mean by if he wins he gets 1000 dollars
RW plays
RW plays 15 days ago
hi ily
hi ily 18 days ago
I was renagade raider I had 20 kills
Rizzcatt 24 days ago
Im EU and i would love to be in these type of videos can u start doing spectate videos on EU
Marwan Aglan
Marwan Aglan 25 days ago
Me the soccer fan trying to name all the teams
Arron Leys
Arron Leys 27 days ago
Man put a Celtic kit on
crozobozo bozocrozo
crozobozo bozocrozo 28 days ago
Jhalin 28 days ago
i just realized that random has 3 mil and is still not verified
Dustin Imus
Dustin Imus 29 days ago
I have more wins though, js 😂
Nicholas Susandy
Nicholas Susandy 29 days ago
Where is his twitch
AuRa icyy
AuRa icyy 29 days ago
You should do this in arena
Taylor Guild
Taylor Guild Month ago
I'm Scottish and I can't believe you'd pick celtic
mig gaming
mig gaming Month ago
dont be dumb use code dumb
Oisin Quinn
Oisin Quinn Month ago
U used Celtic best team
煙Astaloy Month ago
Its football!!!
Jango60 28 days ago
K Pereira
K Pereira Month ago
Rtw Ryan
Rtw Ryan Month ago
You used my scoccer team🤘
Oisin Quinn
Oisin Quinn Month ago
Celtic is mine too
Benjamin Lograsso II
Benjamin Lograsso II Month ago
Karma to the renegade
Bura2k07 Month ago
I liked and lost all my games then I disliked and won all my arena games lets goo dislike time
Froi The Great
Froi The Great Month ago
nobody:..... randumb: he’s a controller player
Ultimate_ Team 03
Ultimate_ Team 03 Month ago
Bruh why Celtic put on rangers you ass
Jeanette Benham
Jeanette Benham Month ago
Yo randumb I have not watched you in a LONG time
usizo Month ago
his twitch : dom2pro
Fishy Gaming
Fishy Gaming Month ago
What is the music 🎶
Da_ Ober50
Da_ Ober50 Month ago
Why is my screen black
Caelen Phelan
Caelen Phelan Month ago
aletheawesome Month ago
sometimes i dont get why people clickbait
myst zorb
myst zorb Month ago
who clickbaited??
Crxftz Month ago
Ewwwww celtic. rangers all a way !! No surrender!!
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Month ago
get this to 50 k likes give him money!
Danny Whisenhunt
Danny Whisenhunt Month ago
That spark plug was me
myst zorb
myst zorb Month ago
sure buddy
Adrian Berzins
Adrian Berzins Month ago
THATS A Predator
NoLove特 Month ago
That renegade got instant karma with his boughton account
EV9 Axgrin
EV9 Axgrin Month ago
The style is Celtic it's a Scottish team
I'm Just gonna say this... "Football"
Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron Month ago
Using Celtic kit
GBH&M Month ago
give him 500$
Call me Pluto
Call me Pluto Month ago
Random is a scammer
Armani on YT
Armani on YT Month ago
Code one
Bradley Morrissey
Bradley Morrissey Month ago
I’m the tree and 9:38
Dean Machine
Dean Machine Month ago
The start omg
Kayden Tatum
Kayden Tatum Month ago
I could not find that one guys stream
DEVAN GG Month ago
The guy that popped off next 1% member
WATP Month ago
Where the rangers strip 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
GMR Pheonixx
GMR Pheonixx Month ago
What happened to putting that guys twitch in the desc
A round OrangeYt
A round OrangeYt Month ago
Celtic 🤮🤢
Lucille Clark
Lucille Clark Month ago
The sweet weather commonly decorate because numeric modestly dare but a splendid crawdad. used, marvelous susan
Jordan M.
Jordan M. Month ago
at 9:11 he did a magic trick (pulled a pencil out of her mouth will drinking mini
DotU 2
DotU 2 Month ago
when ur out of content
Zoe Gordon
Zoe Gordon Month ago
you are good
JackBoy_05 Month ago
where is all the bhoys then
Jennifer Langford
Jennifer Langford Month ago
Bro that's me
Wǫʜx Month ago
Mr renegade go insta karma
All around productions
All around productions Month ago
Louis Ohagan
Louis Ohagan Month ago
Celtic yasss
Rlogo Month ago
Ayyyy he used Celtic
Xonety Month ago
Who Else miss the keyboard cam?
Malakai Akeo
Malakai Akeo Month ago
I love ur content keep it up here’s some cheese 🧀
R.T.J.K Month ago
Randumb’s a Celtic fan let’s go
Flynn Maxwell
Flynn Maxwell Month ago
im a rangers fan
Flynn Maxwell
Flynn Maxwell Month ago
rangers are going to win the leuge
Shane Perera
Shane Perera Month ago
is randumb part of faze?
Kaughtulacking On YouTube
Kaughtulacking On YouTube Month ago
Australians say soccer because we have nrl and afl which are both called football or footy
George Taylor
George Taylor Month ago
Rangers is better
Cliv FN
Cliv FN Month ago
Yea he was using Celtic my team yaaaaa
Riolu FC
Riolu FC Month ago
Get ducked renegade
Ghouil Trooper
Ghouil Trooper Month ago
Next time you should go in squads and spectate the squad and if they win they split the money
The Gamer Kraken
The Gamer Kraken Month ago
Plot twist random is Chris from mrbeast
Joe Wise
Joe Wise Month ago
I wonder why Its called football oh yeah you it the ball with your foot soccer dont make sense lol
John Paul R. Verroya
John Paul R. Verroya Month ago
T Month ago
Up the celts🇮🇪🇮🇪
MW StraPz
MW StraPz Month ago
When he doesn’t leave the guys twitch in description poor guy :/
Cristwin Maya
Cristwin Maya Month ago
nobody: randumb: he wants to put him in the mOtOgE
Izzy#YT. Month ago
Abir Ahmed
Abir Ahmed Month ago
Big sad for the renegade 😭😭😭😭😂🤣😭😭
Yosef Gonzalez
Yosef Gonzalez Month ago
what beat is in 1;35 in the video
Jason Fraser
Jason Fraser Month ago
Lo LoL
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston Month ago
Celtic fans🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Itsyourboyaksel Month ago
I have the same head phones as Randumb
marlon yazzie
marlon yazzie Month ago
Imagine him saying “peace”- control
Oran Ghofrani
Oran Ghofrani Month ago
Oh it's been a while since I watched this 🐐
Crylol Month ago
Why did you use Celtic youse rangers
savy Month ago
im a fan of the team u used there my local club
Cheater TJ
Cheater TJ Month ago
Levi Cole
Levi Cole Month ago
Pls do more strucid
EliteWPLENNY Month ago
Actual title: i spectated the new gay fortnite player
Max FN
Max FN Month ago
Anyone else wondering where the ttv kids link is ? Lol 😂
Dad and Sons Gaming
Dad and Sons Gaming Month ago
Your better than form but still dog water
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Month ago
Karma always strikes
Krystal Stephens
Krystal Stephens Month ago
8:43 the music tho
FS JCB Month ago
"hes got alot of mats, hes a controller player" -randumb
Pablo Irula
Pablo Irula Month ago
nice pfp
fatefps Month ago
Where's euro???
Zach Month ago
Hey ran dumb I’m a rlly big fan been here since red and I just wanted to say that I might move to Florida
Xintict Speedy
Xintict Speedy Month ago
in 1:24 why did the harpoon do 74 damage insted of 75 and in 1:46 and 1:47 it did 75 wth???
Brandon Ayre TTV
Brandon Ayre TTV Month ago
Brandon Ayre TTV
Brandon Ayre TTV Month ago
Celtic urgh
Owen Shields
Owen Shields Month ago
Yess random Celtic
Re1TaZ Month ago
can you to a spectaiting vid but in eu region
Xykuz Month ago
step up K1ng
step up K1ng Month ago
Its crazy you always have gang head bands 😂
Max FN
Max FN Month ago
That’s his mearch it says randumb it lmao
Robbie Patrick
Robbie Patrick Month ago
Why are u using celtic omg they are shitte use rangers
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