i bet my og skull trooper...

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23 days ago

​i bet my og skull trooper...
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Physco Assasin
Physco Assasin 12 days ago
Why does this only have 80000 views
001SuperDuperツ 14 days ago
Walrus Fn
Walrus Fn 15 days ago
1% cultures
Pizoza 16 days ago
I'm the $1000 spectate winner im trying to get in contact with you
RapiddoodS 18 days ago
RANDUMB IS MY INSPIRATION!! my mom said that if I got 10K subscribers!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! begging you GUYS please!.
Ashley Snowdon
Ashley Snowdon 20 days ago
I bet my whole entire lock I have the some og skins they are all call the defaults.
Dave McNally
Dave McNally 20 days ago
Your good at sniping but mcreamy is metter then you at sniping
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 20 days ago
New mcreamy?
Joshua Wilm
Joshua Wilm 20 days ago
he has mecremy pawers
Ace Plays
Ace Plays 20 days ago
Me with subtitles turn on *school trooper*
SSOplayer 21 day ago
Its the next mccreamy
Lio Tatafu
Lio Tatafu 21 day ago
Hi 🤔
Dat Bacon Boy
Dat Bacon Boy 21 day ago
Fun Fact: Elephants are almost as big as elephants. The more you know, right?
Jahmari 21 day ago
This vid is so rare when do you see randumb playing team rumble lol
Traiton Clark
Traiton Clark 21 day ago
Randumb: getting hype when he snipes someone out of the air. Mcreamy: out of the game
Hooker Bro's
Hooker Bro's 21 day ago
69k likes and 68 dislikes
my epic is PC_sixtris
my epic is PC_sixtris 21 day ago
Yo your sniping skill are better then Justin's and he's cracked
Menames Alfie
Menames Alfie 21 day ago
I bet
STAprixm 21 day ago
Ngl randumb you should make a montage your actually very underrated and cracked and also pls react to my montage coming out either tmr or the day after
Cameron claps bots Ez
Cameron claps bots Ez 21 day ago
Randumb hits a trickshot Me thinks of the funniest trickshot in history alia’s suppressed pistol trickshot
Dominique Goode
Dominique Goode 21 day ago
phantom 21 day ago
are you gonna do another warzone video?
ICT 2007
ICT 2007 21 day ago
Why do u always do these video
UnderAverageGamer 21 day ago
You should do a reacting to Mongraal video!!!
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez 21 day ago
You crack
S.N.M Savageshark
S.N.M Savageshark 21 day ago
Randumb POV ; team rumble is so Hard The game POV: so easy to get win this game
Raydon Curry
Raydon Curry 21 day ago
I’m cracked
Raydon Curry
Raydon Curry 21 day ago
Can I pls join
Dascius Danialypour
Dascius Danialypour 21 day ago
Randumb is better than McCreamy
Conrad Akaba
Conrad Akaba 22 days ago
Randumb needs to join xd clan
BTW Kashツ
BTW Kashツ 22 days ago
Ik who the next 1% member is i think it is brady
YNW Nights
YNW Nights 22 days ago
i am the new recruit surprise
Penguin SGaming
Penguin SGaming 22 days ago
Best USpostsr ever
prxmpt 22 days ago
7:01when randumb dies put in slow mo and ull see that the bullet was no where close to hitting him
Carl Monts
Carl Monts 22 days ago
4Q Cazy
4Q Cazy 22 days ago
Day 1 Of Asking Randumb For A Strucid Spectating Video
Sxxde 22 days ago
I dont got time to watch i have school but i love your content
its_tylrr !
its_tylrr ! 22 days ago
I love how in the last game he missed the guy standing still but keeps hitting the harder snipes
Vwiph. 22 days ago
Honestly hes better than creamy
Jay Games
Jay Games 22 days ago
who new randumb was cracked a one shot
Jake Pohl
Jake Pohl 22 days ago
Make your vids longer please
Axis Valorant
Axis Valorant 22 days ago
A challenge is play with your keyboard backwards for content.
Isaiah Oliva
Isaiah Oliva 22 days ago
Do go ghoul trooper
lynx 22 days ago
can i make a little hidey place?
Justin 22 days ago
FaZe Randumb
B Rizzle
B Rizzle 22 days ago
What?!?!? what I die from???
robert tarasiuk
robert tarasiuk 22 days ago
I might of had to go back, but now i can destroy anyone who crosses my path
Vols hits
Vols hits 22 days ago
Can we all admire that he is wearing the briefcase contrail
Ninja_Shaw_YT 22 days ago
I love your vids keep up the good work
Not Foxy
Not Foxy 22 days ago
what tour sens
aziz1010z 22 days ago
it should be 3 decades bcs ur ofc winning
SPLASHY_RED 22 days ago
Who’s ready for one percent to be bigger than FaZe
Abdussalam Misbahudeen
Abdussalam Misbahudeen 22 days ago
I just lost another game of fortnite. What do you have to say to youself?
Sm_smiffy 22 days ago
Let's see how many subscribers I can get from this coment starting at 71
m4kka 22 days ago
yay i got 2 min of ads before this video
Orange Korenček
Orange Korenček 22 days ago
McCreamy got 40 kills but GGs
HUNTER HYSELL 22 days ago
Your fricking almost as good or better than McCreamy
Hilel.official 22 days ago
You are the best fucling youtuber
Bujar Bushi
Bujar Bushi 22 days ago
Greatest video ever
Jack Pullen
Jack Pullen 22 days ago
that was an e p i c video
Ťrusť 22 days ago
I clicked on this thinking it was mcreamy
L.C that guy
L.C that guy 22 days ago
Thus is the Mccreamy’s scenario purple skull+sniper
HUNTER NASTASA 22 days ago
Randumb hitting crazy shots in a row Randumb 2 mins later oh noo I finally died
Fe4r Less
Fe4r Less 22 days ago
Never new he was ever going to play team rumble lol
Gamester08 22 days ago
Good job but your playing oneshot team rumble and your team could be carring you
alejandro wilson
alejandro wilson 22 days ago
Cxutruls is joining 1%
iLike Rocket League
iLike Rocket League 22 days ago
Can I please do a tryout its my birth day the 13th
Aquax 22 days ago
Wanna be McCreamy lol
Cyst1k 22 days ago
If he would have played in the one shot tournament than he would have definitely been up there in the leaderboard
Cyst1k 22 days ago
At 4:00 he died and asked "where did I die from?" But I don't think he knows that you can trade bullets in chapter 2 season 5
Qxckzy! 22 days ago
the guy was gliding
LGinvasion 22 days ago
Randumb u don't even use skull trooper
Mr bred
Mr bred 22 days ago
Him misses inane shot Also him WaHt
jacob turnerkiser
jacob turnerkiser 22 days ago
yo randumb can you do a callab with cam spams L2 the 1k winner
Supreme 22 days ago
Scrawl 22 days ago
he got McCreamy energy from the skully
Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin 22 days ago
do you have renegade raider????
Acepexx 22 days ago
If he looses, No bandana for a month
Brandon Ayre TTV
Brandon Ayre TTV 22 days ago
gTrevinop xd
gTrevinop xd 22 days ago
If there was a play of the game he would've had it
Gracz Vids
Gracz Vids 22 days ago
I thought this was a mccreamy vid
Minty Xd
Minty Xd 22 days ago
Your better than mccreamy
シLYNZシ 22 days ago
M1staGreeny 22 days ago
Ur shots ALWAYS hit
M1staGreeny 22 days ago
These shots are why u are in one percent
Check my playlists please
Check my playlists please 22 days ago
Maybe randumb is better than creamy?!? Randumb vs creamy
I'm cracked 8845
I'm cracked 8845 22 days ago
I use your code and I have for 2 years since 2019 you deserve the fame
Qxckzy! 22 days ago
because if it was since 2019 it makes sence. lol
Qxckzy! 22 days ago
well technically in october of 2021 it will be 2 years.
Dayton Waters
Dayton Waters 22 days ago
I bet it’s cultures
??? • 999 years ago
??? • 999 years ago 22 days ago
Randumb: I'm in my little hiding hole (👁👄👁) *interesting*
Jared Osei
Jared Osei 22 days ago
Nice 3 piece
Victoria Wisner
Victoria Wisner 22 days ago
this is actually really good aim practice! you’re cracked with the aim bro
Atom YT
Atom YT 22 days ago
I’m betting the new recruit is cxltures
DNA-Shadowッ 22 days ago
Your cracked at sniping my guy
Dart Broadcast
Dart Broadcast 22 days ago
Bet your Wenagade Waider
Vapor_ Swiftyyy
Vapor_ Swiftyyy 22 days ago
do rust videos bro
Dymenxion 22 days ago
Randumb x mccreamy wud be gud
Dizzyangel Dizzy
Dizzyangel Dizzy 22 days ago
Good vid but no point cause you don’t even use skull trooper
Habs Hehe
Habs Hehe 22 days ago
Randumb: hits impossible shots Also randumb: misses a dude standing still
Matt Splats
Matt Splats 21 day ago
you're not wrong my guy
Invert- Jam3s
Invert- Jam3s 22 days ago
Yeah lol
Abdulaziz Kehinde
Abdulaziz Kehinde 22 days ago
I bet orange is the new recruit, he lives in Florida I think, he left overtime and plays with kiwiz
DEF Stezi
DEF Stezi 22 days ago
New recruit is cxltures
Ghastify 22 days ago
xd DEV7L
xd DEV7L 22 days ago
randumb had an average k/d of 9.6
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