fortnite accidently added a cheat setting...

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15 days ago

fortnite accidently added a cheat setting...
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Jaden McLovin
Jaden McLovin Day ago
It’s got to be peace Kyle hundred percent
Natalie Garbutt
Natalie Garbutt 10 days ago
Why do you all ways go on to a default account way not the one with pink ghoul
Glixie 11 days ago
Reasons to watch randumb: Y. E. S
ExcellentGaming 11 days ago
Do a 1% vs faze clan video plzzz if you can
Connor 11 days ago
Anyone else love how jordan has 36 smurf accounts lol
I eat gummys
I eat gummys 11 days ago
When ur on Console 😤
Buur! 12 days ago
Stacey Bates
Stacey Bates 12 days ago
My opinion: “This has helped me out!” Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “ Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ "3:15"
Jack Darling
Jack Darling 12 days ago
H20MP 12 days ago
Him thinking he good playing in bot lobby lmao
Riley Seivers
Riley Seivers 12 days ago
Why does he ware defualt
MineCrater- 12 days ago
Randum *gets hit for 5* also randum: ‘that hurt’
Bogs 12 days ago
Gabe Leekley
Gabe Leekley 12 days ago
Dat_Doge2000 Gaming
Dat_Doge2000 Gaming 13 days ago
SkriBBle _
SkriBBle _ 13 days ago
Mccreamy vs Randumb for the title of best sniper
Bob Bill
Bob Bill 13 days ago
Bob Bill
Bob Bill 13 days ago
Acorn is in first on first
x3Carter 13 days ago
Saturday is the 20th not the 21st
Helen Frampton
Helen Frampton 13 days ago
lol L L L L L L L L L Lolololo
Helen Frampton
Helen Frampton 13 days ago
StaticZYT 13 days ago
Hi Randumb is just want to say that u are the best cep up the good work we are all here for you
Preston White Gaming
Preston White Gaming 13 days ago
Sir im sorry?
Nate Davis
Nate Davis 13 days ago
What happened to your account
Elijah Reddick
Elijah Reddick 13 days ago
Elijah Reddick
Elijah Reddick 13 days ago
Kelly Kutzura
Kelly Kutzura 13 days ago
i turned the performance mode on and epic settings and i’m getting 300+ in pubs
Can Bobby Shmurdas Hat get 1.000 • 27 years ago
Can Bobby Shmurdas Hat get 1.000 • 27 years ago 13 days ago
Congrats to everyone who is early and found this, you are loved and appreciated.... 💚
Marsh 13 days ago
hey bro you should try out cold war and feed it’s pretty fun
Division 13 days ago
KasperYoutubeTM 13 days ago
Don't be *DUMB* : Use Code = Dumb
Luke Schoberg
Luke Schoberg 13 days ago
play 1v1 lol for a video it’s really funny
David 13 days ago
omg they added cheats, shut up and get a life
Ian Tran
Ian Tran 13 days ago
It it me or is 2/21/21 a Sunday?
Slimy Pickles
Slimy Pickles 13 days ago
Still clickbaiting I see
Vincext 13 days ago
Cameron Mckinnon
Cameron Mckinnon 13 days ago
I loved randumb then b02 remastered came out went off him since
Megan Almodova
Megan Almodova 13 days ago
its not on xbox :( no bubbles
Ryan 14
Ryan 14 13 days ago
7:45 SWEAR??!!
Nowa_playz 13 days ago
Avengers Tenders
Avengers Tenders 13 days ago
This is my FPS on Nintendo switch lol
Brad Hall
Brad Hall 13 days ago
When I use performance mode it tortures my graphics
daven inman
daven inman 13 days ago
imagine using a new account every day
chase chase
chase chase 13 days ago
what happened to craftnite?
Rockwell Banks
Rockwell Banks 13 days ago
FN Cold
FN Cold 13 days ago
Bro every time I use performance mode I can see through some builds and my builds are sometimes invisible
Brody Evans
Brody Evans 13 days ago
You are a different person(your cracked at fortnite my guy)
ShuNation 13 days ago
Npghotdog Gaming
Npghotdog Gaming 14 days ago
Yo ima bot and I play on ps4 can I use performance mode?
lazy RYAN
lazy RYAN 14 days ago
How many acaunts can one guy have
Keaton Wolfrom
Keaton Wolfrom 14 days ago
Yo where the Pokémon
snipez 3.0
snipez 3.0 14 days ago
My bday is Sunday can you please say happy birthday 😁
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 14 days ago
SavageDog 14 days ago
randumb u should try and make a montage
Slayz on Gfuel
Slayz on Gfuel 14 days ago
Is this an alt account
Hugh Powers
Hugh Powers 14 days ago
Slayz on Gfuel
Slayz on Gfuel 14 days ago
I don’t dislike it but why
Slayz on Gfuel
Slayz on Gfuel 14 days ago
Why you always wear a default slin
notflair 14 days ago
how many new accounts do you make????
Psycho Fxprv
Psycho Fxprv 14 days ago
Imagine I get recruited which will never happen
FaZe kay uh
FaZe kay uh 14 days ago
Your using soft aim thats why you said you will get ban and you changed account
blixz 14 days ago
I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 14 days ago
pure Ry.
pure Ry. 14 days ago
they didnt add a cheat LMAO stop clickbait please i wnna acc watch good vids
Xverct 14 days ago
L! I could have gotten way more kills. JK gg
Christopher Gignac
Christopher Gignac 14 days ago
I wish he made a video doing just trick shots he hasn’t hit one in so long
Kayden Reed
Kayden Reed 14 days ago
Why u got to clickbait
IcyFN 14 days ago
Randumb: oH, SiR! Rapscallion: O:
Aust bozz
Aust bozz 14 days ago
Why dont ps4 have the build options
usual shadow
usual shadow 14 days ago
How much ur fps plz tell me
Mr.fartbucket7570 12
Mr.fartbucket7570 12 14 days ago
No one likes the bubbles
boxedbynavi 14 days ago
R u smurfing
Deven 14 days ago
Bro this guy plays mobile on keyboard and mouse😂 and the new recruit I’m pretty sure is cxlturs
Fate Blinx
Fate Blinx 14 days ago
New recruit who’s exited 👇
Baileys Cool World
Baileys Cool World 14 days ago
Hi ghoulz
Lil Boocey
Lil Boocey 14 days ago
EHT Zendify
EHT Zendify 14 days ago
Hi randumb
bxby waldo _
bxby waldo _ 14 days ago
1:50 excuse meeee!!!!! assuming genders now 💀
Isaias Vargas
Isaias Vargas 14 days ago
2:05 when your dad works for epic
Mike Downey
Mike Downey 14 days ago
Randumb: you are mad sweaty Also Randumb:builds 300 things in 3 seconds
Dreamy harv
Dreamy harv 14 days ago
nice clickbate
LEAF syto Qt
LEAF syto Qt 14 days ago
Y youse the default
Chocolate Pumpkin
Chocolate Pumpkin 14 days ago
Can't we just appreciate him for uploading everyday
saximozzR6 14 days ago
"if i dont get alot of kills hit m with L's" me a controller player: "it was enough"
ttv_easyWORK 11 days ago
Does it work on console
CaydenYT 14 days ago
"No sir I'm sorry" Randumb says Even though the rapscallion in a women
Bode Rosol
Bode Rosol 14 days ago
Rylan Don Britten
Rylan Don Britten 14 days ago
how do u turn it on on xbox
Davaidh Reid
Davaidh Reid 14 days ago
did he get banned
uthonia 14 days ago
Stop playing this game Jordan and get back to cod
Lite FN
Lite FN 14 days ago
Treig Wagner
Treig Wagner 14 days ago
How many new accounts does this man have😂
Lee Keybum
Lee Keybum 12 days ago
Tell that to SypherPk
G Greeno
G Greeno 14 days ago
Elijah Crayton
Elijah Crayton 14 days ago
How is this a cheat setting?
London Lynae
London Lynae 14 days ago
Can you add me on fortnite
Memester 14 days ago
Why are making accounts just play on your main account
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 14 days ago
l l l l l l l L L LL L L LLLL L L LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L LL
TTV_RiskDude 69
TTV_RiskDude 69 14 days ago
Jacob Bertrand
Jacob Bertrand 14 days ago
The new recruit is cxltures
Vacation Bros
Vacation Bros 14 days ago
8:15 that’s what she said
Cam 14 days ago
why does he play on a smurf account ? is it just so that he can hgave easier lobbies and make the videos easier ?
Sm_smiffy 14 days ago
Stop making new accounts to get bot lobby's and then saying your good go on your main account
Slick Septicx
Slick Septicx 14 days ago
U should make a video called”how many levels can I get I 24 hours, or an hour
New GLADiATOR Skin in Fortnite! (Season 5)
i dont know how to play minecraft
2 Danny 2 Furious
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