I Tried BUGHA'S CHEAP KEYBOARD in Fortnite... (is it worth it?)

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I Tried BUGHA'S CHEAP KEYBOARD in Fortnite... (is it worth it?)
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UnEarthlySin 8 days ago
He bought it for 20$ it’s LEGIT 6$
Sxhil X
Sxhil X 20 days ago
‘Helloee everybody’ 1% in description ‘‘code dumb don’t be dumb ‘top 10 btw ‘oooh that shot’
BK_zyro 22 days ago
It’s 10 when my friends got it
__________ 28 days ago
you should try his chair next. thats what makes him really cracked
faze yoshiman
faze yoshiman 28 days ago
bughas keyboard = aimbot
Chippysaurus FN
Chippysaurus FN 28 days ago
I love how he was using the cobra kai music 4:30
UnknownDr3 29 days ago
I have that keyboard redragon
Karron Braden
Karron Braden Month ago
I got that key bord
ActionHook Month ago
You just made me want a pc even more because I play on keyboard and mouse on a ps5 and I really wanted a laptop or a pc for a long time but I’m to broke to get one 😔😔😔
Gavin Arce
Gavin Arce Month ago
To be honest the only real good peripheral needed is a mouse. Any keyboard works and you really only need a mouse with a good sensor
IQ Bloxy Games
IQ Bloxy Games Month ago
his name is Randumb and he’s more cracked with Bugha’s keyboard
Mr. stealthy
Mr. stealthy Month ago
Still playing fort bruhhh
HC Drast
HC Drast Month ago
thats why he is getting bots
James Nebraska
James Nebraska Month ago
Lol you had to get in bot lobbies
TJGOAT YT Month ago
Bro I have that same keyboard and my friends make fun of me for it from 5 below
Jairus 2x
Jairus 2x Month ago
Randumb is so dog water he has to make new accounts every video
Giovanni Goytizolo
Giovanni Goytizolo Month ago
Me when im about to get the belt (The guy Randumb is shooting at) 4:45
Ivan Velinov
Ivan Velinov Month ago
Dude Randumb just grow up. Stop killing ppl on ur new accouns and then screaming "BODIED", "YOU GOT BODIED". Just stop it!!!!! Play on your main account and/ or in ARENA. THEN YOU CAN SCREAM. Is this even fun for u.
ZYRU Month ago
Randumb: “What’s with the bots?” Also Randumb: *plays on an alt account*
Sskooterguy Month ago
How TF do you not have a checkmark on ur name??
Hunter’s Equatics Olsen
Hunter’s Equatics Olsen Month ago
At 3:45 I’m getting a lot of bots Him: crests a new account to finish this challange
IMA fishy
IMA fishy Month ago
bugha's headset is trashed when I mean trash I plugged it in and it was broken
DPH RealXConnor
DPH RealXConnor Month ago
Lol there’s no such thing as a “cheap” keyboard they all do the same thing lmao
DPH RealXConnor
DPH RealXConnor Month ago
@Plxdo ツ yeah they do 😂 I have a 70$ keyboard and it does the same thing as my old one but the only difference is that it lights up
Plxdo ツ
Plxdo ツ Month ago
No they don't
FartingDoorMan Month ago
i got bugahs keyboard for 10 bucks
Nisus Month ago
havent watched randumb is months, maybe since he was in red
DIRT MAN69yt Month ago
I have that keyboard
cryptic Month ago
(no matter if someone has a sword and another has a piece of stone the person with the stone could win if he welds it perfectly) that’s what this video is trying to say
Nesta On Chakra
Nesta On Chakra Month ago
My Parents said that if i can get 1,000 subs they'll buy me my dream pc. You dont have to but God bless whoever does and does not
F1-Shadow Month ago
He went on his other acc so he can get bot lobbies
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa Month ago
NC Camo
NC Camo Month ago
I keep getting told of in class because I spell random as randumb
Enzo Shurahi
Enzo Shurahi Month ago
I got that keyboard not thinking I have it
Ice Clan
Ice Clan Month ago
How come the first game he is the pink ghoul trooper then the next clip he’s a default.
verified soviet gamer
verified soviet gamer Month ago
Gon gan gin gang
Wafi science and drawing
Wafi science and drawing Month ago
you watch toasty bros
Scott Boys
Scott Boys Month ago
for anyone wondering I'm pretty sure his headphones are the Logitech g 733
Momtaz Alkaadi
Momtaz Alkaadi Month ago
20 dollars means 60000 in syria so it's not that cheap after all
ZombieAvacado Month ago
E2xzrc Month ago
1:47 haarsträubend
Piece-Ctrl-Xany Month ago
That’s the keyboard I have but I payed 90💪🏾
Piece-Ctrl-Xany Month ago
Loudgamerdog Month ago
That’s my keyboard but it’s red dragon
Rashed Alyammahi
Rashed Alyammahi Month ago
Bruh that’s my Keyboard
Zayy111 Month ago
I have bughas' speakers and headset
GorillaGames Month ago
Anyone know the name of this keyboard?
Squizzyツ Month ago
Why couldn’t you build🤣you got bodied👾😈.. o that’s why😳
Brayden Behn
Brayden Behn Month ago
At 1 min he has 5 kills at 1:10 he has 3 then 4 then 5???
AshoBlrrd Month ago
I have mic an mouse
MacKenzie Attewell
MacKenzie Attewell Month ago
It’s never a randumb vid with out top ten by the way
Noisy Month ago
Try a different game plssssssss😩
Nxevan 60 fps
Nxevan 60 fps Month ago
I have that keyboard matter of fact that’s my first ever keyboard I still have it and I still use it
Hoink Gropper
Hoink Gropper Month ago
That missing 2 hp 🤦‍♂️
Luke Payne
Luke Payne Month ago
2:52 --- Thats some nice shotty ammo tho
Samuel Cooper
Samuel Cooper Month ago
That’s the keyboard I have lol
Novolineee Month ago
Why did u where a goal trooper then a default
Galaxy Month ago
You really fell off
Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel Month ago
Bro they sell them at 5 below for $10
Anyone else really impressed with his aim???
swdwdde dededed
swdwdde dededed Month ago
ur dog water
Jonathan Stephens
Jonathan Stephens Month ago
Did anyone notice that he went from a normal match with gold weapons to an arena @ 1:19
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid Month ago
I love your vid’s random
mixxzz is sweaty
mixxzz is sweaty Month ago
I got that keyboard that is at 5 below
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Month ago
THAT 120 shot was so CLEAN Ooo
Xvllr Cvnrz
Xvllr Cvnrz Month ago
Gavin Wall
Gavin Wall Month ago
I just bought that keyboard today
Xzavier Ramon Chaidez
Xzavier Ramon Chaidez Month ago
Imagine thinking you're good when you verse Bots SMH. - random
Get Claped
Get Claped Month ago
Theres one thats 10 bucks at 5 and below
Donald Broussard
Donald Broussard Month ago
What's the name of the keyboard so I can get one (I'm trying to transition from controller to keyboard and mouse but I don't wanna spend alot of money)
dxlel wtf
dxlel wtf Month ago
Rashawn Ali-Washington
Rashawn Ali-Washington Month ago
Does randumb not know clix has a 60 percent keyboard?
Bradyn Ma
Bradyn Ma Month ago
Bruh you kept talking trash to dream in McDonald’s I wanna see a Mac hanhunt with you as the hunter and dream is the speed runner.
Bradyn Ma
Bradyn Ma Month ago
Ooo shoot meant to say minecraft
Acepexx Month ago
The only dumb I’m hearing is from Soccer Skins with 0 ping 360hz Season 2 OG Earnings: 2k Favourite saying: Dog water
Acepexx Month ago
Normal Keyboards for 20 bucks: Q W E R T Y My 150 buck keyboard: B U M D E D O C
Adam Yasser
Adam Yasser Month ago
OIIMN Yt Month ago
It is 10 bucks at 5below it is a good store
dazzer_t Month ago
ken og
ken og Month ago
I'm suprised u still play this game
logan Anderson
logan Anderson Month ago
Imagine having to go on a alt account because you can’t get a win on your account
Conor Gowen
Conor Gowen Month ago
The comments are at 699 rn
KingibramZ Month ago
Check out a guy AKAKO he does give aways every day
Elijah Fortnite
Elijah Fortnite Month ago
If I was Randumb Literally killing everyone- What are you doing ur lost dollar tree headset Literally dog water free cash freer than Piece control Kyle
SoulKeeper Month ago
my name is kyle tho
Zeyda Month ago
he switched accounts to play in basically ai lobbies lmao
Jade Month ago
My keyboard is better lol
slurpy Month ago
I saw u in pixelmon today! HUGE fan
NRTC Motor Yt
NRTC Motor Yt Month ago
he went from ghoul to deafult to different deafult ?????????
emily gill
emily gill Month ago
randumb really took fall damage and said OWA OWA
Champions yt
Champions yt Month ago
Use clix keyboard
_ Statix _
_ Statix _ Month ago
Just by a reddragon
Tribitrage Month ago
Fight with sypher bro
3rd party Introes Yt
3rd party Introes Yt Month ago
Super you will get bodied but your still good but not to good
3rd party Introes Yt
3rd party Introes Yt Month ago
Sorry sypher
raid nae
raid nae Month ago
I want a vlog any one else
Shadow_Jacob Month ago
1:20 the loot change?
Braxton Kreis
Braxton Kreis Month ago
what headset do you use?
Darth Clapz
Darth Clapz Month ago
Don't be dumb use code dumb
Danielfoxo99 Month ago
Hi love ur vids keep it going
SnipezBxlt Ώ
SnipezBxlt Ώ Month ago
I love how bugah does not use his own keyboard XD
astro darian
astro darian Month ago
Because bugah didn’t make it another person made it and it so it can be affordable cuz it’s only 20 dollars
Amarion Stockton2019
Amarion Stockton2019 Month ago
Use code dumb
aka__Dio 69
aka__Dio 69 Month ago
Bughers keebord
Tommy Cozzi
Tommy Cozzi Month ago
Bald gang if u know u knwo
Jacob Blue
Jacob Blue Month ago
Where is the fight with SypherPk
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