I Used Ghoul Trooper in BOX FIGHTS FILL... (TRYHARD)

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18 days ago

​I Used Ghoul Trooper in BOX FIGHTS FILL... (TRYHARD)
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Mrdistint 7 days ago
Lol 1:34
FN hummer
FN hummer 7 days ago
when he says imagine getting pickaxed look at his toung
TerrificGoose37 9 days ago
Hey man didn’t work again
Frank Onionring
Frank Onionring 10 days ago
He said the f word at time 1:36
Timo van Meegen
Timo van Meegen 13 days ago
'Or you will never win an other game of fortnite' nobody: me: 0 wins
Syn Space
Syn Space 13 days ago
How do you get in bot lobby's
Jeffy TheBanana
Jeffy TheBanana 14 days ago
the only reason i watch this stupid content is because it is frickin satisfying
Revenge YT ッ
Revenge YT ッ 14 days ago
Some gifted me, his name was JUSTIN and if you need proof check my new vid
Cristwin Maya
Cristwin Maya 14 days ago
is nobody gonna talk about this 4:09
Indra yagami
Indra yagami 14 days ago
1:34 rage
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan 14 days ago
You bouta say the f word random? 1:34
Lazarbot 14 days ago
randumb i liked i lost a game you lied i cry syck
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 14 days ago
Dont use gods name in vain
Septic Gaming
Septic Gaming 15 days ago
Please please please use Ali A’s new box fighting arena in creative
BOSSKID MASTER 15 days ago
Randumb: lemme just dance in front of real players in creative 😂
Vaughn— God
Vaughn— God 12 days ago
Ok everyone does that??
X12 Ghostz
X12 Ghostz 15 days ago
Cant believe this guy Challenges SypherPK to a 1v1 he would get destroyed
Fortnite Gods
Fortnite Gods 15 days ago
How do I sing up for LG clan
TTVsam345 15 days ago
Who’s face is that it’s not the random I know and love
Duck 15 days ago
if you don't use code dumb, you are dumb.
Jake Drogin
Jake Drogin 15 days ago
look at his hands at 1:26 after he resets the wall
carmicita 15 days ago
Your my favorite youtuber
Jrman513 16 days ago
Now use renegade or purple skull if you have it...
Adham 16 days ago
When he cuts the video at f**k
Arahkwai�shon Paul
Arahkwai�shon Paul 16 days ago
Hey Randumd i wanna 1v1 you
Lockys A sweat
Lockys A sweat 16 days ago
If you read this ur a legend The only one that is the only thing that you have the right thing is that I have it on the back and I have it on the back porch I have no idea where I am now it’s just got candy I love you I don’t know if I can do that but I’m sorry orange I don’t know what I mean I don’t know if I can get it to you get your money 💴 or I just want you in your mouth
Lockys A sweat
Lockys A sweat 16 days ago
Tur tafta that you gada to go in that mode ID cool
Lockys A sweat
Lockys A sweat 16 days ago
Randumb I’m sorry I had to dislike because it was at 68 and if I dislike it would hit 69 IM SORRY
Fluxy 16 days ago
1:30 u can hear him say FU
My lil banner Boi
My lil banner Boi 16 days ago
I wonder if useing a goul truper is gonna do in a box fight
JasminePlaysFN 16 days ago
thatnoobpro 16 days ago
Just saying randumb prob the best 1% player
TSS flakka
TSS flakka 16 days ago
spectate eu players they are soo sweaty
nath7641 nath7641
nath7641 nath7641 16 days ago
i have the same settings as you lol
GTM2404 16 days ago
Lol I think he edited out him saying f**k
Tweezy 16 days ago
katie mock
katie mock 16 days ago
can you ad me plz my name is xx salty 7
Fredriks 1
Fredriks 1 16 days ago
Can you do spectate video in box fights?
oneway crossing
oneway crossing 16 days ago
The reason nobody plays fortnite is in this video
Sleepy Pupper
Sleepy Pupper 16 days ago
I’ve never won a game of fortnite and i have over 2000 hours in it what do i do
Undocked Atom
Undocked Atom 16 days ago
Bro randumb u tired
Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis 16 days ago
Not to be offensive but your content is kinda getting dry
Jusjurassic Master
Jusjurassic Master 16 days ago
wait he said the f word in the video here is the time if u wane see 1:37
200 by ZayFN
200 by ZayFN 16 days ago
1:34 is it just me or did I just hear random almost say the F word
Phantom Sushi
Phantom Sushi 17 days ago
Try to do a vid where you get the most kills in strucid.
JAKE Palencia
JAKE Palencia 17 days ago
XD all i hear is the F!
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 17 days ago
Day one of asking for renegade races to be back
john Adam
john Adam 17 days ago
trey6wheels is this USpostsr I watch he has 101 subscribers you should do a reaction on him I think he deserves more than 101 subscribers.
Ashad Dimanche
Ashad Dimanche 17 days ago
This game mode is dumb because it doesn't matter if you win the game you have to be the team with more points
Alek Manalo
Alek Manalo 17 days ago
Alternate Title: I need content so I play fortnite
Zenus 17 days ago
The noobs tho
Lurqik 17 days ago
1:27 jamal dont pull out the 9
NOT Deathtakerttv
NOT Deathtakerttv 17 days ago
Erect ignoring hobo long
Demersal fire
Demersal fire 17 days ago
Every now and then he went mime time
burven Yt
burven Yt 17 days ago
Play on the 1 plus 8 on fn it's good
Mando 17 days ago
I hate kit stop
Jacksen 17 days ago
1:34 randumb dropped f bomb for sure
samurai gaming
samurai gaming 17 days ago
Imagine getting pinned
jake5400 jake5400
jake5400 jake5400 17 days ago
Stop asking for subs I love you man
zyotic 17 days ago
You should do realistic pvp because that's where all the sweats are at, including me.
KingSmash_ 17 days ago
Ago randumb locker Showcase Video pls 🙏🏾
OZG EnvyYT 17 days ago
Randumb I love you will you add me on epic: ᴇɴᴠʏ ɪs ᴀ ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇシ
Christian Gomillion
Christian Gomillion 17 days ago
Is it me or did anyone actually accomplish liking in 1 second?
K Steele
K Steele 17 days ago
Does he mean to keep emoting or???
KITSUME 17 days ago
Razo 17 days ago
Please don’t use God’s name in vain e
SFF MonMoney
SFF MonMoney 17 days ago
u rage u cut it out
ari_the gamer
ari_the gamer 17 days ago
1:33 he said the f word
DaredevilDoge 17 days ago
I use code dumb
Zizou Rowland-Hill
Zizou Rowland-Hill 17 days ago
cxltures is joining 1 % less go
Il Coathster lI
Il Coathster lI 17 days ago
is it just me or galactic disc just sucks now
The show Boi
The show Boi 17 days ago
1:35 fu
The show Boi
The show Boi 17 days ago
lojnu 17 days ago
Boring=this vid
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan 17 days ago
1:32 randumb cuts out him swearing
Naqib.N 17 days ago
can u use duos box fights with pink ghoul
Tom Burgin
Tom Burgin 17 days ago
Alternate title playing with a cracked doougy
tauriq lagardien
tauriq lagardien 17 days ago
I know it's none of our buisness and we don't have a say in this but if you are not well please don't post/record videos and put that strain on yourself
Itz _NewJustin
Itz _NewJustin 17 days ago
U aint sweating i will clap u 1v1 Epic: Itz_TH30
Benjamin Junior
Benjamin Junior 17 days ago
Yo randumb if there is a one percent try out is there a way I can join I’m and unknown ps5 player 😀
Mimiシ 17 days ago
Ur finally on ur main
Alejandro Carvajal
Alejandro Carvajal 17 days ago
4:09 his face 😅😅
cannibal Pigey47
cannibal Pigey47 17 days ago
his face the whole time thoe
Aras Sabuncu
Aras Sabuncu 17 days ago
When he just cut out the fuc# I was crying of laughter
Carley Wedgwood
Carley Wedgwood 17 days ago
Where is this at x?
Chara •
Chara • 17 days ago
My mom said if I get 100 subs this week she will get me a led controller (Not bot)
Blake Benanzer
Blake Benanzer 17 days ago
Yo Randumb love you content. I was thinking I’m a switch player and you have a switch so we should try and drop a ton of kills. My epic is vxthn. DONT BE DUM USE CODE DUMB
suad salous
suad salous 17 days ago
1:33 he tried to say the f word lmaooo When he died
SNS_Micah 17 days ago
We saw the video my dude
drew 17 days ago
He did say it
Keaton Hutsell
Keaton Hutsell 17 days ago
I think you need to change your emote bind
hey im ali c:
hey im ali c: 17 days ago
Astro 24
Astro 24 17 days ago
Imagine getting to play with Randumb just to be afk the whole time
AK_ Freezzyy
AK_ Freezzyy 17 days ago
Randumb almost said a no no word😳
BananaQT 17 days ago
9:36 Randumb: Oh no my teammate PROBABLY just died Me: wondering if Jordan is def because I clearly hear the noise for if you knock someone
BIGDCM88 Gaming
BIGDCM88 Gaming 17 days ago
U look super tired, u good bro
Remy 17 days ago
CringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringeCringe jk
Remy 17 days ago
Trashpups 17 days ago
1:34 lol we love you man
I’m bob Hi
I’m bob Hi 17 days ago
I died at 1:34
woodsy 17 days ago
1:27 you didn’t have to cut out the f bomb lmao
woodsy 11 days ago
@Aka Inaaya true, i just want to see how he is when he rages because he seems so calm most of the time
Aka Inaaya
Aka Inaaya 11 days ago
It’s probs cause he’s pg
Vaughn— God
Vaughn— God 11 days ago
@Brayden Souerdike ok
Brayden Souerdike
Brayden Souerdike 11 days ago
@Vaughn- God I never said it was. I was justifying why he didn’t want it cut out. That’s all😂damn
Vaughn— God
Vaughn— God 11 days ago
@Brayden Souerdike it’s not that serious
Tylted 17 days ago
he doesnt heart comments lol
Bob Wesden
Bob Wesden 17 days ago
Randumb when hits 200 pump nice Mongral when hits 200 pump GET SHIT ONNNNN
Driztix 17 days ago
1:34 he says f word :(
Driztix 17 days ago
@Bongos ;)
Bongos 17 days ago
Sihgz 17 days ago
damn how your views drop this much
niko 17 days ago
1:34 he raged
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