only using door edits in fortnite... (very hard)

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19 days ago

only using door edits in fortnite... (very hard)
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Brad Hall
Brad Hall 15 days ago
Oop, nevermind
Brad Hall
Brad Hall 15 days ago
I have more arena points then hi,
Soar King13
Soar King13 16 days ago
randumb teel ceeday to get his ass back on youtube
charlie zerzan
charlie zerzan 17 days ago
void gamer
void gamer 17 days ago
Random with the new android pc
Brittany Rooney
Brittany Rooney 17 days ago
TTV_sweatGod YT
TTV_sweatGod YT 17 days ago
U should spectate kids in call of duty modern warfare
Wail Adnan
Wail Adnan 17 days ago
Randumb I have a advise put ur texture on high or medium i think it helps
Shaezer Hockey16
Shaezer Hockey16 17 days ago
Why are graphics scuffed
HydraHenry 17 days ago
Andrew Zermeno
Andrew Zermeno 17 days ago
sean ryan
sean ryan 17 days ago
i subscribed and turned on post notifications
Professor Cuckhold
Professor Cuckhold 17 days ago
U falling bro
JumbaFlow 17 days ago
@Randumb 7months ago you said we’d have shark tornados and I hate to tell you but we don’t have them
sebastian gonzalez
sebastian gonzalez 17 days ago
ceeday come back please
100 Hour Gaming
100 Hour Gaming 17 days ago
I got loeyas pack and the flash pack and I wasn’t dumb because I used code dumb
Teo :D
Teo :D 17 days ago
These mobile graphics😂
Kidd Gonzalez
Kidd Gonzalez 18 days ago
cxlutres everyone already knows
RobertPlays2006 18 days ago
Naruto needs meds
Naruto needs meds 18 days ago
Ceeday whatching this video Im TrIgGeReD
FelixV2 V2
FelixV2 V2 18 days ago
Bruh I by everyone thinks that your CeeDay
Mrbeasterklijg 18 days ago
How dose he come up with this s*** seriously is he just in the shower “hmmmm I should do a vid with only using doors” still entertaining.
ClappE FN
ClappE FN 18 days ago
Everyone better get him to 100k supporters so he shaves his head
Spiralz 18 days ago
The new one percent crew member is cxltures
P1NgZ 18 days ago
When normal people see the door pre edit: Why the pre edit Randumb when he sees the door pre edit: “FBI OPEN UP”
robert bell
robert bell 18 days ago
The new ceeday lol rip ceeday😔😔
Moexii 18 days ago
Pls stop with the stupid intros
1k subs Pls
1k subs Pls 18 days ago
He keeps resetting his builds it don’t count
1k subs Pls
1k subs Pls 17 days ago
@Betsy Hewis no, it’s so annoying because when he does the exposing wins video they always have 0-10 wins
Betsy Hewis
Betsy Hewis 17 days ago
Ik but do u know why he uses a dephault account
Bradford Van Demark
Bradford Van Demark 18 days ago
When Kevin from home alone said hello
Warren Pinkney
Warren Pinkney 18 days ago
New meta ? So ceeday just never existed
Not Roscoe dog
Not Roscoe dog 18 days ago
Do the ceeday challenge wit the doors and come ramps
《Ruby_ Gamer》
《Ruby_ Gamer》 18 days ago
Two words Moblie graphics
RapiddoodS 18 days ago
RANDUMB IS MY INSPIRATION!! my mom said that if I got 10K subscribers!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! begging you GUYS please!.
Bread Is Dough YT
Bread Is Dough YT 18 days ago
Not my add that doesnt ay fortnite
Luke Payne
Luke Payne 18 days ago
4:53 Woah the other guys wall says open even though there isn't a door
JC Replays
JC Replays 18 days ago
@jcclaps does this all the time
Jusbusis Davis
Jusbusis Davis 18 days ago
The Real
The Real 18 days ago
cxltures is the 1% recruit
Mohammad Khalil Ahamed
Mohammad Khalil Ahamed 18 days ago
Bringing back some memories
INI 私 18 days ago
Why does it make you have mobile builds sometimes
Fo Sho
Fo Sho 18 days ago
kids probably thought ceeday was coming back whenever they saw your doors
ItzGrimes_7 18 days ago
Settings video
Just Your Typical Guy
Just Your Typical Guy 18 days ago
Randumb:"This might be a crazy new meta" Ceeday:"B*tch please"
yp_plays 18 days ago
love your vid fav ytuber
L2 Square 912
L2 Square 912 18 days ago
I hope no 100thousand supporters i dont want your hairs to be gone they r very noice no "gay"
Christina Barrow
Christina Barrow 18 days ago
The first half and I'm sure it is kiwis
Boyhefunny11 18 days ago
Can we get a ❤️ for the bo2 red randumb 😂
Mr ME 18 days ago
I pray anyone that sees this find peace
Fab5sophie 18 days ago
Aha I see u hav that bandana on from 2 years ago
Logan’s Gaming Time
Logan’s Gaming Time 18 days ago
“Yes you have dog meat” Random 2021
YoBaran 18 days ago
Do more craft nite pls :/
Grafton Jewell
Grafton Jewell 18 days ago
Anyone else getting ceeday vibes
StormiPwl 18 days ago
Even tho i quit, i still watch your vids
Psyco_BTW 18 days ago
i pray who ever sees this has a good life :)
Controller jdynn
Controller jdynn 18 days ago
The next pre emitted challenge should be his conse have to be doritoes
SoaR ZZx
SoaR ZZx 18 days ago
its 1000000% cxltures
SoaR ZZx
SoaR ZZx 18 days ago
its cxltures
Evo Clipz
Evo Clipz 18 days ago
This man really fell out off
WarmGoo 18 days ago
Randumb has activated the door jutsu 😈
Nieves Amo
Nieves Amo 18 days ago
Ur cool
Elijah Brimmer
Elijah Brimmer 18 days ago
Randumb are you using performance or direct 12
Lazarbeam_is_lit 18 days ago
Can you go to ltm sniping and only do trickshoot
SavageDog 18 days ago
who else is using the restroom well watching
Plazma Vortex
Plazma Vortex 18 days ago
Ceeday where are you???🥺 we love you
M.R Pro gaming Pro gaming
M.R Pro gaming Pro gaming 18 days ago
I would clap your but check in a 1v1
Vozify Raz
Vozify Raz 18 days ago
I will save u guys some time the new one Percent member is cxltures
baby ot ϟ
baby ot ϟ 18 days ago
I always edit doors when i do a tripple edit so it isnt hadd
CJ_ Jordan
CJ_ Jordan 18 days ago
Go to DirectX11 for not the mobile graphics
Lyric 18 days ago
Ceeday video
ItzPolio 18 days ago
Dorito edits only?
Realfireknife 64
Realfireknife 64 18 days ago
Ha that’s the only edit I use
Anthony Is cracked
Anthony Is cracked 18 days ago
Randumbs charge hitting 34 The other persons hitting 93
Marisol Baer
Marisol Baer 18 days ago
are you playing on mobile?????????
Jaylon & Zaniya
Jaylon & Zaniya 18 days ago
everytime i watch you/ fortnite in general i want to eat cap’n crunch lol
Driztix 18 days ago
Code one for gfuel!
Jackson Schmidt
Jackson Schmidt 18 days ago
Day 36 of commenting on a randumb vid
Mikel In ur Xbox
Mikel In ur Xbox 18 days ago
Benji 18 days ago
ceeday challenge
caden stara
caden stara 18 days ago
Wdym new meta? Ceeday was doing this for years
Leanne Mastrangelo
Leanne Mastrangelo 18 days ago
I can win with out editing
Noah Atwood
Noah Atwood 18 days ago
He lost 1:20
Pink Wraith Lol
Pink Wraith Lol 18 days ago
0:50 he switched to mobile mode
Capin Cake
Capin Cake 18 days ago
A work of art
Syrmetrix 18 days ago
I have the power to change the likes between 1.5k 1.6k unlimited power
Ayoo Jxan
Ayoo Jxan 18 days ago
Mobile isn't stupid that hurt my feelings 😞
Cameron Roedl
Cameron Roedl 18 days ago
001SuperDuperツ 18 days ago
Matthew Rosales
Matthew Rosales 18 days ago
If you want to know how to fix your graphics, all you have to do is go to ur graphics settings and set your textures to epic, I did this and it fixed it for me, so I hope this helps!
Mack Oliver
Mack Oliver 18 days ago
If u use code dumb you are better than clix
XxFinfmasterxX 18 days ago
Why isn’t it called the ceeday challenge
dimonz 18 days ago
Hii you are my fav USpostsr and I watch you every day I just want to say have a glorious day or night wherever you live!。◕‿◕。 I'm sending virtual hugs to everyone love y'all stay safe!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Offroad one
The Offroad one 18 days ago
TheCloudyCloud 18 days ago
Basically me on controller
RipFlips 18 days ago
Man quit using default accounts it’s annoying af
Aron gebremichael
Aron gebremichael 18 days ago
“People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.”
Aron gebremichael
Aron gebremichael 18 days ago
@TurBo _MagikZ yea
TurBo _MagikZ
TurBo _MagikZ 18 days ago
Itachi right?
m o l u n a
m o l u n a 18 days ago
Y’all should do cultures vs Ryft editing challenge
uriahh 18 days ago
its so obvious the next recruit is cxltures lmfoa
YT_DDlucamomoney 18 days ago
My internet it sucks right now
thatnoobpro 18 days ago
Randumb guess what I should be the next 1% member. I have 10000000000pr and 100000000000000000000 subs
qt•lexii 18 days ago
who’s your favorite youtuber? mine: randumb
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