Fortnite is changing building...

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28 days ago

Fortnite is changing building...
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Dereon Scott
Dereon Scott 15 days ago
its only keyboard and mouse?
Pizoza 16 days ago
Im the $1000 spectate winner ive emailed you bro
Doggy is cute My name is joe
Doggy is cute My name is joe 22 days ago
7:11 randumb used a mini for 2 health he really is dumb
SavoredWin 22 days ago
Get over it
learei 23 days ago
I haven't been recommended your vids since early chapter 2 season 3
VOLTIC PKX 23 days ago
Your a good youtuber
VOLTIC PKX 23 days ago
Mohamed Mahmood
Mohamed Mahmood 24 days ago
They really just gave us a texture pack
Lori Ford
Lori Ford 24 days ago
If you do not use code dumb you will be cursed by being dumb ;)
Vex_0r 24 days ago
So is that why he loved strucid so much.?
Zuber Kariye
Zuber Kariye 24 days ago
If you used to play on mobile, this feature was already built there without even changing the settings or anything!
PoeticNose47 24 days ago
THEY GOT RID OF INVIS BUILDS DAMN IT THERE GOES INVISIBLE SKYBASES WITH THE BOIS no cap we did this 8 times a week lol and it was hilarious we all fast editors and it was funny BUT DAMN FORTNITE HAD TO DO THIS
Da bearz
Da bearz 24 days ago
So I’m dumb because I don’t use code dumb?
ItsSkxz On 60 FPS
ItsSkxz On 60 FPS 24 days ago
God loves u
Dani Gold
Dani Gold 24 days ago
Its not on console
Timid cart6
Timid cart6 25 days ago
I use it for the fact I can get more then 60 fps
coloured-jailer Yans
coloured-jailer Yans 25 days ago
That one spectator though
M Wright
M Wright 25 days ago
I can’t find it on console
unstabble 25 days ago
love it
Dillxy 25 days ago
My eyes hurt watching this because of the new building haha
Nolan plays Fortnite w
Nolan plays Fortnite w 25 days ago
do a part 2 of this!
DReam 25 days ago
I”am on console so I can’t use it sadly
Xotic Bot9005
Xotic Bot9005 25 days ago
You can see people in bush’s in performance mode
YaBoiJameezy 25 days ago
shit recycled content
Kayzz 25 days ago
That’s tuff
Arko Kundu
Arko Kundu 25 days ago
It’s basically mobile graphics
dedi 25 days ago
why he using alt
Alijah Trantham
Alijah Trantham 25 days ago
You a crip I'm a blood so we going to have some problems
Mitchel Williams
Mitchel Williams 25 days ago
shit gamer
SF Yessir
SF Yessir 25 days ago
Fortnite Mobile all over again
Bottle 25 days ago
as a member of the mobile player community i see the same thing i saw everyday.
Rxie 25 days ago
Please do Pokémon card videos again
Ariante Gilyard
Ariante Gilyard 26 days ago
Jordan we were friends in the 8th grade
Mickmak 9997
Mickmak 9997 26 days ago
Don’t be dumb use code dumb
Elisei 13
Elisei 13 26 days ago
Frantisek Hi -_-
Frantisek Hi -_- 26 days ago
the only reason i use performance is cuz my pc is 10 yrs old and i get 16fps and since i use the mode i get 100
Mantad 26 days ago
Welcome to fortnite mobile
Cooper Hall
Cooper Hall 26 days ago
Mobile all over agin
AmethystRoyale 26 days ago
Randumb: If you’re not playing on this, you need to play on it. Me: I wish I could but I can’t afford a pc.
Skillse_y303 26 days ago
Performance mode doesn't even boost my FPS
HeyImOnyx 26 days ago
If youre not Dumb, use code Dumb
Brody Churchill
Brody Churchill 26 days ago
In the intro I thought he was on mobile
panda 26 days ago
Are they changing it back tho
Drpx Wrld
Drpx Wrld 26 days ago
Randumb if you want to play with it is fine I'll still watch you
Bacchin 26 days ago
Day 7 of saying hi to randumb,hi
Fncs JJ
Fncs JJ 26 days ago
My builds looked the same when I had performance mode before the updates
Kory Schulze
Kory Schulze 26 days ago
Make a montage
Velocity_ XA
Velocity_ XA 26 days ago
The builds are mobile builds
Destiny 2 The fan
Destiny 2 The fan 26 days ago
But annoyed as well
Destiny 2 The fan
Destiny 2 The fan 26 days ago
I was so amazed
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams 26 days ago
Pc player I CANT SEE HIS SHADOW*. Epic* patches black on black white on white😭😤
Qwep 26 days ago
Can i do it on Xbox
Sprite Leon
Sprite Leon 26 days ago
Why dose he play on his alt account not his main?
SM_Gaming 26 days ago
At 4:18 he speaks german
Frosty 1836
Frosty 1836 26 days ago
They should split it into performance mode and performance mode {alpha}
memer69x 26 days ago
i reckon season3 or 4 textures would make the game better] everyone would enjoy it i reckon
Blueboss 122
Blueboss 122 26 days ago
It’s worse than switch how
Kingston Gray
Kingston Gray 26 days ago
Mobile vibes
Kevin Holliman
Kevin Holliman 26 days ago
Is it only on pc
ÍŚÓ_DEVYT 26 days ago
Hi guys it’s 12 in the morning
Ononokusuオノノクス 26 days ago
They have pc players on mobile graphics 😂😂😂
Vantrilliquin 26 days ago
People that had 8gb of ram anyways: 👁️👄👁️
fly 26 days ago
you can change it in the fortnite game files
Cheater Savage
Cheater Savage 26 days ago
Everyone that plays mobile: No difference
Finesse 26 days ago
I thought he was on mobile when he first started
Jake 26 days ago
6:38 Break the dam bush
Switch player
Switch player 26 days ago
Code dumb don’t be dumb it’s the best code in the game
LG3 JJ 26 days ago
What if fortnite actually changed the building mechanics to sort of revert everyone back to noobs and bots 🤔🤔🤔
Plax XD
Plax XD 26 days ago
I played mobile regularly before it’s ban so this looks so nice
Devont On Crack
Devont On Crack 26 days ago
If you look at fortnite mobile clips it looks exactly the same with the builds
GC_yaboi GC
GC_yaboi GC 26 days ago
That’s not performance mode that’s advanced mobile mode
Spirit Slixx
Spirit Slixx 26 days ago
If u turn on the setting where u can see visual footsteps and performance mode the game will turn insane trust me!
Aiden Jensen
Aiden Jensen 26 days ago
I swear he has how the grinch stole Christmas music in the background not lying
Agent 47
Agent 47 26 days ago
New performance mode: Mobile PLayers: am i a joke to you
Oliver Harragin
Oliver Harragin 26 days ago
And I am not playing on it but I am going to try
Elijah Stewart
Elijah Stewart 26 days ago
Call it mobile graphics
CW Spades
CW Spades 26 days ago
wait hold up i got this early
jxst verxfy
jxst verxfy 26 days ago
Can you do this on consle
NOOGIE Powers 26 days ago
bmud edoc understand...
MusEdits 5
MusEdits 5 26 days ago
I really hope streamers don't use this
Isaac is weird
Isaac is weird 26 days ago
Who else had to fill a serve to watch this vid
vrezai 26 days ago
RIP Console kids 🙄
Wildcat Cuber
Wildcat Cuber 26 days ago
Don’t be dumb use code dumb
Caleb Cummings
Caleb Cummings 26 days ago
This is how mobile players play
Your Lad Aiden
Your Lad Aiden 26 days ago
Alt account and honestly it makes way to easy to see players.
ItsAmnesia 123
ItsAmnesia 123 26 days ago
he just drop a blue ar for a green lmao
Gio_Xgamer 26 days ago
can u do this on ps4 plz tell me
Unknown Caller
Unknown Caller 26 days ago
Can u do this on ps4 ?
M0oniie 26 days ago
how can I put it to bamboo on ps4 please somebody tell me.
ilyyAaron 26 days ago
I’m used to mobile build soo jm used to it
BVLL 26 days ago
what roblox game are you playing?
Timothy Grant
Timothy Grant 26 days ago
I'm watching a cracked mobile player....
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez 26 days ago
It’s good on mobile bc you can see the footsteps
akabobb 26 days ago
PIXEL SCORPION 26 days ago
There is a way to get dx12 builds on performance mode and still get the performance boost
TFighter110 26 days ago
Hey Randumb can you React to My montage it’s the Spicy one
Napz2kleen 27 days ago
Last time he didn’t even restart his game n didn’t have it
NRG JOWR1Y 27 days ago
People: grinding for their health Rundumb: trickshoting them 😂😂😂
Duck is vibin
Duck is vibin 27 days ago
Ur cracked at fortnite mobile
YouTube_ sns
YouTube_ sns 27 days ago
On god that why I want mobile back felt so smooth
BLG KEM YT 27 days ago
U are using a device
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