i used SypherPK's first fortnite win guns...

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14 days ago

i used SypherPK's first fortnite win guns...
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Today, fortnite ting ting... and if you are reading this you have to like the video now... you said it.. well thought it... why are you still reading..
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Doookie _man
Doookie _man Day ago
silentninja lp
silentninja lp 3 days ago
wow... what is fortnite now
onetruegamer07 4 days ago
Lachlans First win guns please
Adjust Tempo
Adjust Tempo 7 days ago
Your first win guns
Harrison Mclellan
Harrison Mclellan 8 days ago
hi bro why r u defualt
SpEEd 8 days ago
Do nick eh 30’s !
QT Zync
QT Zync 8 days ago
Why does it seem he had a different account every vid
ToxicRobloxians 9 days ago
Do fearless
Kaine Playz
Kaine Playz 9 days ago
Use Clix’s first gun next
We like Life
We like Life 9 days ago
I love these vids, could you do YOUR first load out, that’d be 😎
Pickle Blake
Pickle Blake 10 days ago
love the vids jordan, keep up the grind. also this game was insane and so fun to watch ❤️
Josiah Santos
Josiah Santos 10 days ago
Do your first win guns next one of these challenges!
GARRETT BELL 10 days ago
use your own loadout that you won your first game with
GTABOI4 11 days ago
Can u do Typical gamer
Hunter Tarantello
Hunter Tarantello 11 days ago
why does he always look so tired
XNOT Xavier
XNOT Xavier 11 days ago
This is easy for mobile players we have the rocket launcher from kit
George Sergeant
George Sergeant 11 days ago
He poped off
Abbas Trex
Abbas Trex 11 days ago
JL - 06LA 778632 Gordon Graydon Sr PS
JL - 06LA 778632 Gordon Graydon Sr PS 11 days ago
love your viddeooossssssssss your my fav rit youtuber
Kyle Raydon
Kyle Raydon 11 days ago
Did you get hacked or something?? Why haven't you been on your actual account
Pro_ Myster
Pro_ Myster 11 days ago
1v1 me BITCH
1v1 me BITCH 11 days ago
Claim your ticket 🎫 before it’s been a month
Mookie Betts
Mookie Betts 12 days ago
Mythic Grenade launcher?
Chave Castaneda
Chave Castaneda 12 days ago
God bless everybody hope your doing well cya
Sean Koehler
Sean Koehler 12 days ago
There's a llama 1:01
Danielfoxo99 12 days ago
Hi love ur vids keep it going.
DannyV2114 12 days ago
noxios 12 days ago
a scar is an assult rifle you stopped[' 0
Brandon Angel
Brandon Angel 12 days ago
Bro why does he make new accounts so often
Nick Metting
Nick Metting 12 days ago
Use you first wins loot
Antler Gaming
Antler Gaming 12 days ago
Do a randumb persons first fornite win loot. 😄
jedi0234 Gaming
jedi0234 Gaming 12 days ago
what is randumbs headset?
Kia Holloway
Kia Holloway 12 days ago
Do tg plays
Lorenzo Perez
Lorenzo Perez 12 days ago
1% is wayyyy better than faze
Ryley Parter
Ryley Parter 12 days ago
Gaming Ric
Gaming Ric 12 days ago
No hate but I love how he uses another account cause skill base
Not Nick
Not Nick 12 days ago
You should use ninjas
Theofficialmemer 12 days ago
dan tdm first loot
Aqua DopeZzv2
Aqua DopeZzv2 12 days ago
Lazarbeams first win
Brock Henderson
Brock Henderson 12 days ago
Do Bugha
CDee-_- 12 days ago
Isn’t smurfing banibal
Conner Snow
Conner Snow 12 days ago
Could you add and 1v1 my brother he is really good and loves your content and has always wanted to go pro his username is Poison815light
Chimmy Jimmy
Chimmy Jimmy 12 days ago
7:46 he does not even realize he said what sypherpk says all the time lol
Lynx 12 days ago
Hey randumb a good idea you should look at cam spams L2 a look again hes a hybrid player now and hes cracked out of his mind
getthemBeans 12 days ago
You should do your own first win guns for a vid
Darker Boi
Darker Boi 12 days ago
Faze jarvis first guns pls
DLZ_ Josiah
DLZ_ Josiah 12 days ago
Where is dumb craft at
Chranical 12 days ago
534th 😎😎
po po pee pee check
po po pee pee check 12 days ago
Randumb:omg he had a better tac Me:wdym you had a blue he had a green makes no sense
Lil Asmr
Lil Asmr 12 days ago
Can you do a controller trickshot
Fag Bag
Fag Bag 12 days ago
Why don’t you use your main account
Fn Bine1
Fn Bine1 12 days ago
Your @deestroying
Liviq 12 days ago
You should do your own first victory royal loot
the black market
the black market 13 days ago
Do razz ???
Manveer Singh
Manveer Singh 13 days ago
I wonder when the next time randumb will upload dumbcraft.
itsdaboss 122
itsdaboss 122 13 days ago
Why does he need to play on a alt account for vids???
Harvey Walker
Harvey Walker 13 days ago
logdives51 13 days ago
YUSUF UDDIN 13 days ago
Guy got 13 Elias and said popped of ok buddy me getting 49 and saying that was tradh
Asxtro 13 days ago
You should do your first wins guns
Cc Lix
Cc Lix 13 days ago
He got bodied
Ahad Shahaan
Ahad Shahaan 13 days ago
Typical Gamer?
Vunqz Domo
Vunqz Domo 13 days ago
Not Wyatt
Not Wyatt 13 days ago
Use your first video load out
Liam Carper
Liam Carper 13 days ago
Why not mine
John walker
John walker 13 days ago
that piece control was nasty
Chief Cards 87
Chief Cards 87 13 days ago
You should try to do ninjas guns.
Txlls 13 days ago
What about laser beam??? Or someone in 1%...
Cjdagoat Cj
Cjdagoat Cj 13 days ago
Why do I watch randumbs videos tell me why
AuRa_ GhOsT_
AuRa_ GhOsT_ 13 days ago
Jordan challenge and content from me Play apex legends
Max David
Max David 13 days ago
Did he get banned or somethin?
Triston Hernandez
Triston Hernandez 13 days ago
You should use nick eh 30s first game loot
Driztix 13 days ago
Bro sypher looked hairy lol
WIGGO BOO 13 days ago
Who’s going to tell him he’s playing bots
Asser Ahmed Assem
Asser Ahmed Assem 13 days ago
U could have took an ar and updrade it to a scare
JUAN VEGA 13 days ago
What happened to your oh account??
Fish 13 days ago
Ur such a good youtuber random 😁❤❤❤❤
Cody Playz
Cody Playz 13 days ago
Why didn’t he CLIP the last gamer
Zaviar Antoine
Zaviar Antoine 13 days ago
There having a new recruit Sunday not Saturday the 21st is Sunday not Saturday.
Brayden Smith
Brayden Smith 13 days ago
You should do Lazarbeams first game weapons
Ari Tchaparian
Ari Tchaparian 13 days ago
Guys whos ur favorite 1% memeber mine is randumb
Not begad XX
Not begad XX 13 days ago
1% sypherpk ?
Spazx 13 days ago
Damn is he falling off ?
Derek Is cool
Derek Is cool 13 days ago
U r the biggest bot ever
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker 13 days ago
do typical g
Bartek Szulc
Bartek Szulc 13 days ago
wait why is he level 23?
ki and ka
ki and ka 13 days ago
I love rand dumbb
Aggro_on_60hz 13 days ago
God bless you all
JJ Kelly Sanchez
JJ Kelly Sanchez 13 days ago
use your own first wepons
adapt platypus
adapt platypus 13 days ago
Anyone else realise he was level 23 therefore not that good lobbies
WinStar Plays
WinStar Plays 13 days ago
Was it just me or did anyone else think sypher uploaded this instead of randumb
Not Saying
Not Saying 13 days ago
If I get the new simply piano ad in one of you're videos you're in luck lol, cause it always makes me watch the entire ad
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 13 days ago
Do lazarbeam first win lout out
physics ggs
physics ggs 13 days ago
randumb if you see this my favorite video is from august 15th 2019
Tristan Games
Tristan Games 13 days ago
Why did you not just upgrade you blue ar to a scar
Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Foster 13 days ago
Use freshes
Cameron roseman
Cameron roseman 13 days ago
What about your first win weapons
abben Owens
abben Owens 13 days ago
Lazers beams first wepons
Controller jdynn
Controller jdynn 13 days ago
Uses randumbs 1st win loot
Ψ NOK3Y Ψ 13 days ago
Hi Randumb I’m a huge fan I love your content. I just wanted to give a suggestion for your next only using someone’s first winning loot, could you do the loot you used for your first win? Keep up the great work please.
Shanaz Wasim
Shanaz Wasim 13 days ago
And play on your main acc
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